Dear Ralph Monclar

Ralf Monclar

  Poster : Kim Ik Seo (119.♡.179.69)     Date : 15-08-13 14:52     Hit : 21    
Dear Ralph Monclar, 
Hi, My name is Kim Ik Seo. 
I’m a second grade student in Dong pyoeng middle school. I live in Busan. 
At first, I didn’t want to write a letter. I thought it is just my homework. But taking this opportunity I could think Korean War agin. And now I feel it in a different way. I am really thankful for your help. 
I got to know about you when I was writing letters to soldiers who have participated in the Korean War at school. After I got to know you, I got curious about you and investigated information about you. 
By looking at how you didn’t give up and tried to keep Korea's peace when Korean War occurred, it came to me clearly that you truly are generous person. All of these make me think that you are a true hero. 
I admire your faith. That is “Freedom is more important than Rank.” As for as I know, you were a junior officer in World WarⅠand you were the only hero who won a victory in Norway Narvik. However, even though, the commander of Korean combat forces was just a lieutenant colonel, you said “For me rank does not matter. I even like Junior officer. I’m proud of myself as the first UN soldier.” I respect you to say that. If you had been the average man, you could have thought that own benefit is more important than defending our country. So thanks to you, these days, I can go to school in peace. Also I know your achievements. One of them, I remember Battle of Chipyong-ni. You overcame numerical inferiority and demonstrated a battle base, Finally you won those battles. Thanks to the victory of battles, UN recovered confidence. It was very important victory, and you led that!!!! 
I want to say thanks. Although Korea is not your country, you fought at the risk of your life. And you sacrificed yourself. I want to be a leader like you. Once again, you are a true hero! Thanks. 
Yours sincerely 
Kim Ik Seo.